Customizable Registration Forms

RaceOnline offers completely customizable registration forms for events, charities, and club memberships. View our features page to see how we can help out with your event today!



Standalone Fundraising Tools

We also provide standalone fundraising tools for events and charities that don't require registration. We take care of the payment processing, security audits, and webpage hosting so you can keep more of the money raised through donations for your efforts. Our fundraising pages include all of the features found in our traditional registration pages which make it easier for your fundraisers to promote your charity online to their social networks.



New to event planning? Don't worry.

We've worked with suppliers in just about every industry and give you access to them through the Office. We also search the web hourly looking for the newest innovations in the event industry and post our findings on our blog for you to follow and find inspiration.

About Us

RaceOnline is a Canadian event registration company focused on simplifying the registration process for both participants and event organizers. We provide the tools to manage your registrations, leverage your participants to promote your event through the various social networks, and raise funds for local community organizations and charities.