Online Guide to Canadian Virtual Running Events

A growing number of Canadians are participating in races these days. Some runners crave the challenge of meeting a goal they may have recently set or have had in mind for several years. Others simply want to try something new or prove to themselves that they can still do something that they have loved doing for a long time.

Virtual run and walk Canada

In many cases, some runners push the limits to raise money for charities and other worthwhile causes. One thing that contributes to rising participation levels is convenience. Be it a fun run or a full marathon, virtual run events make it much easier for people to join organized races.

What Exactly is a Virtual Race?

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Canada Army Run

In years gone by, participating in marathons in Canada meant travelling to a specific location which could be an inconvenient and costly proposition. It meant mingling with large crowds while nervously anticipating the starting gun. Let’s not even get into bad weather or the long lineups at the Porta Potty. A virtual race offers an alternative to this.

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Virtual races in Canada allow runners to compete in events without having to travel to a faraway host location. Instead, they can complete their runs in their own neighbourhoods or wherever they feel most comfortable. They can even run races on a treadmill in the comfort of their own homes. In fact, you don’t necessarily even have to run. You can walk if you wish. Don’t think this makes running any easier from a physical standpoint. It doesn’t. It still takes the same level of commitment, training, and proper nutrition. It just makes it a lot easier to get involved.

How Does a Virtual Race Work?

A virtual race works much in the same way that a traditional race works. Of course, it all starts with a desire to run. This type of activity involves a high degree of physical and mental preparation. Dedicated runners put a lot of effort into training and proper nutrition. They also need to find a race that is best suited to them. For instance, a novice is likely better off entering a few fun runs or 5K runs before they even think about competing in a full marathon.

Canada Day Virtual Run

1. Sign Up ?

There are several virtual run events held throughout the year and they are easy to enter. You can find an array of virtual run events advertised online. You can even register through many of these websites. Just click the registration button, fill out the form, and confirm that you will be a virtual runner.

2. Set the Time and Route ?

Entering a virtual run in Canada affords you the flexibility of choosing the route you want to run and the time you want to run it. You can stick to a familiar route, or you can use a host of handy apps to help you select a route.

3. Run ?

Make sure your fuel tank is full before you embark on your virtual race. Needless to say, you should also warm up before you start. Staying hydrated is crucial, so remember to carry water with you. Alternatively, you can set your route to include water fountains or a few laps around your house so that you can set up your own pit stop.

4. Share Your Accomplishments ?‍️

You will need to submit your time when you complete the race. A virtual run in Canada will usually require proof of completion from an app such as the Under Armour app or Strava. Don’t forget to share your accomplishments on social media. This isn’t just for tooting your own horn, but it also promotes virtual run events and any charitable organizations associated with them.

5. Donate for Charity ?

A virtual run in Canada will typically raise money for charities, and these charities are often near and dear to those who enter. Even though a portion of your virtual marathon entry fee may go to charity, it’s also noble to further support the cause with an additional donation.

Benefits of Being a Virtual Runner

Virtual Run - Save the Manatee

There are many upsides to participating in a virtual run in Canada. For starters, virtual runners benefit from increased fitness. Many virtual runners also revel in the ability to compete against themselves and others. The sense of accomplishment can do wonders for your mind.

With a charitable virtual run in Canada, your participation means that worthy organizations are promoted and given much-needed financial boosts.

Virtual Run in Canada

In the past, the amount of time and travel involved made it nearly impossible for even the heartiest of competitors to enter more than a small handful of running events each year.

With marathons in Canada moving into the virtual realm, runners from one side of the country can enter events being held thousands of kilometers away. Furthermore, they aren’t limited to participating in marathons in Canada.

Plan for Virtual Races 2021 in Canada

Running EventsLocationsDistanceDateRegistration
MOVE YOUR PAWSTorontoDistance ChallengeFeb 27 – Mar 29, 2021Info
Spring Run OFFToronto8K / 5K / Kids RunApr 1 – 30, 2021Info
lululemon Toronto 10kToronto10kInfo
Oasis ZooRunToronto10K / 5K / CubRunSep 1 – Oct 12, 2021Info
Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront MarathonToronto42K / 21K / 10K / 5K / Marathon RelayOct 1 – 31, 2021Info
TTC ChallengeToronto76,9KInfo
List of virtual races in Canada

They can compete in runs all over the World ? by doing their Virtual Run in Canada.

Running Events Near You

Canada Day virtual run 5k medal

The Vancouver Marathon, Ottawa Marathon, and Marathon de Montreal are among the most popular marathons in Canada. However, they are far from being the only ones. Every province has a multitude of fun runs, marathons, and everything in between. With virtual run events, you can compete in them without even leaving your neighbourhood. Here are a few popular virtual races in Canada.

Eastern Canada

Meadls Under Armour Spring Run-Off
Under Armour Spring Run-Off
Lululemon 10K Toronto
Participants of Valley Harvest Marathon
Valley Harvest Marathon is held in conjunction with Casino Valley.


  • Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon
  • Banque Scotia 21K de Montreal
  • Marathon du Fjord

Western Canada


  • Manitoba Marathon
  • SunRype Okanagan Marathon
  • Hallow’s Eve Trail Race
  • Boundary Bay Marathon