Well-known charity races – take a look

Well-known charity races in Canada

There are hundreds of organizations which are working to make sure that the world becomes a better place to live. It is especially for the underprivileged sector of the society. Canadian charity is known all over the world as this country helps others to make sure that their economy is sustained. For this purpose, the Canadians have also started several initiatives and this makes sure that the amount collected goes to charity. The best part of these races is that it allows the users to remain fit and healthy. At the same time, it also allows the participants to fulfill the wish of the people who cannot do it on their own. There are many charity races which take place all over Canada and they are highly rated by the Canadians. It is all because of the fact that Canadians are helping by nature such events give them an opportunity to help those in need.

Braver than you believe

Braver than you believeThis racing event makes sure that the participants run at least 5K to earn a medal. You need to get registered for the event so that you can participate. The organizers also provide hood and t-shirt to the ones that complete the challenge. The best part of the race is that all the donations and the registration fees go to the Foundation for Puerto Rico and this is really important. The hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico devastated the locals and therefore it is really important that they are rehabilitated. This event makes sure that the part of the rehabilitation costs is paid by the foundation.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

This event is celebrated all over Canada and therefore it is highly recommended to those that love the police and the other law enforcement agencies. You just need to sign up for the event. The C.O.P.S is the foundation that gets the benefit from the race. C.O.P.S stands for Concerns for Police Survivors and the foundation exclusively helps the families of the police force that have died during the action or terrorism encounters. The cause is definitely noble and therefore it is highly advised to all.

Foster Love

This race is also highly appreciated by the people from all over Canada as it allows the registration fees to go directly to Foster Care to Success. This is an organization that has been helping the children all over North America to make sure that they get a successful life.  The slogan of the organization is Every Child Deserves a Home and hence the race is highly recommended to all.

Dash for the Donuts

Dash for the DonutsThere are many days which are celebrated in Canada. The 1st June 2018 was a National Donut Day. In relation to this event, the race takes place each year to make sure that the earnings of the registrations go to Action for Healthy Kids. This organization makes sure that the families, parents and the schools of the kids are mobilized. It will make sure that the children get a healthy lifestyle and food. This event is highly recommended to help malnourished children in the world.